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When Audrey and Ron get a divorce they take the rest of the country with them. Waste Fraud and Abuse is the tune-packed tale of a presidential campaign gone bananas, with protesters in the streets, shady deals in the boardroom, sex in the war room, and a walrus in the bathtub!

It’s a fast-paced and wry evisceration of the love of politics and the politics of love.

Anticipating our current divisions and the madness of the new paranoid political landscape and perhaps the civil war to come, Waste Fraud and Abuse had a spectacular run at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre with a cast of up-and comers. Produced and written by the Screaming Majority writing team, Dan Kilian Dave Benjoya and Bryna Kearney, and directed by Bryna Kearney, featuring the Screaming Majority band. 

It now exists in happy memories, plans for future productions, and the original cast recording!

Check it out!

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